Palm Tree Trimming and Removal in Las Vegas

Palm trees are a beautiful plant and are derived from the Arecaceae plant family and they can grow to be as large as 230 feet tall. Most palm trees live in tropical areas but they do grow in other areas like our desert climate here in Las Vegas. Our city has a large population of palm trees therefore giving business to companies like Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros quite a bit of palm tree trimming business. Palm tree trimming and tree removal companies are sprouting up all over our valley as our population continues to grow at record pace.Las-vegas-palm-tree-trimming

The maintenance and trimming of palm trees is a crucial part of keeping your palm trees healthy and living a long life. Besides the appropriate care that needs to go into the average palm tree, reasons for keeping them trimmed is quite simple. If the palm trees go untrimmed for extended periods of time, they just plain look awful and degrade the property of it potential value. Not just the appearance is a nuisance, but the overgrowth becomes a total disaster for the cleanliness of the property and its nearby surroundings.

Palm fronds and their dead seeds and flowers simply wreak havoc to a swimming pool or jacuzzi that are near the palms. The dead particles get blown into the water and not only clog up the drains and leave the pool or spa looking awful, but they affect the chemical balance of the pool or spa water. The chemical imbalance that palm trees which are untrimmed can really create a problem. Add those chemical levels and the heat that we get here in Las Vegas in the summer and you now have a full recipe for algae and fungus growing in the swimming pool. It is truly important to keep all palm trees trimmed that may be in the vicinity of a swimming pool or jacuzzi to maintain the proper chemical balance of the water.

If your property is for sale on the real estate market you definitely want to make sure that the palm trees are properly trimmed during the entire selling process. Real Estate agents, potential buyers and home inspectors that find palm trees that are not trimmed look as that as deferred maintenance. In other words, a part of the up keep of the property that you didn’t take care of. This can lead the potential buyer to wonder what else you didn’t keep up to par that they simply can’t see. Most real estate agents and even home appraisers will deduct value from your property due to the palm trees not being trimmed properly and that will be reflected in the purchase price or the appraisal. Most of the time when this scenario happens, buyers and appraisers are quick to make drastic value deductions and then the negotiations get even tougher. The solution is to have your palm trees trimmed and looking amazing prior to putting a property up for sale or even if you are trying to re-finance a mortgage where there would be an appraisal needed.tree-trimming-las-vegas

A really huge issue that happens when palm trees go for long periods of time without being trimmed is that they can actually become home to rats and other nesting habitats. That simply send chills up my spine to know that there could be rats and other rodents living right outside a bedroom window and you don’t even know they are there. Rats love to live in dead palm fronds and that is a perfect opportunity for the rats to create a happy little home. Rats produce many babies and can potentially carry rabies. They also have to poop and that’s not a pretty site for your property or your health. Keep the palm trees trimmed and keep the critters out.

One of the most popular reasons I can think of that will make you keep your palm trees trimmed is simply to avoid a potential fire hazard. Winds here in the Las Vegas valley can really pipe up and if there is a fire one of the first things to catch on fire is dead palm fronds. There was a fire recently here in my neighborhood and the one thing that spread the fire due to the high winds were palm trees that were not trimmed at the time of the fire. The fire spread from building to building just from those untrimmed palm trees alone.

For no other reasons at all it is just important to keep the palm trees trimmed several times per year to just keep them in great condition. Another important factor when trimming palm trees is to make sure and not trim them if there is any green left on the palm fronds or older fruit stems. You do not want to trim palm tree areas that contain any green as that will cause a whole other issue with your trees.

las-vegas-palm-tree-trimmingAnd finally, knowing when the palm tree is no longer beautiful and healthy is when it becomes time for the palm tree removal. Overgrown dead branches or dying palm trees no become an issue to the property that is in its vicinity. Everything from people, cars, power lines can become in immediate danger due to an older tree that needs to be removed.

Larger tree roots can also cause issues to nearby concrete areas and actually lift patios or sidewalks up from the ground. Removing just the root of a tree will not be helpful for the tree so the most likely solution is to remove the entire tree.

Trees that may need to be removed are those that have gotten too large for a specific area. Lots of times when trees are too large they tend to produce too much shade and therefore not letting other vegetation get the appropriate sunlight they may need.

Pests are an additional reason that you may need to remove an older diseased tree. An infested tree can actually spread the insects to a tree that is not diseased or infested. This is when you should most likely get the infested tree removed to insure that the issues don’t spread to the other healthy trees or foliage.

Your professional tree service companies will have the most knowledge on whether trimming your palm trees will be sufficient or if the tree removal process will need to be done.