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Review of 3 Mexican Restaurants by Pro Hood Cleaning Portland in Portland, Oregon

Portland OR Restaurant MexicanVerde Cocina is located in the Hillside area of Southwest Portland, Oregon. Chef Noe Garnica and his wife Anna opened the restaurant in 2009 when Anna was pregnant with their third child.

Chef Garnica grew up in Guanajuato, Mexico with his eleven brothers and sisters. His family was a farming family that worked hard to create a sustainable living for his large family. His wife, Anna, grew up in a small agriculture town in California and spent her days running through orange orchards. They found each other when they were both working in a restaurant in Monterey Bay, California.

Prior to opening Verde Cocina, Noe and Anna were working on making healthy food available through OHSU. OHSU is a program that focuses on people improving their health through educational programs.

They strive to meet every individuals’ personal needs when it comes to food. They will prepare meals that are gluten free, vegan, paleo and omnivore. This has given them much praise on the internet with over four hundred reviews and over four- and-one-half star rating.

Located in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood of Portland, Oregon is Rocio’s. They serve Mexican comfort food that have been pleasing their Portland patrons since 2011.Portland Oregon Restaurant Photo

Their history in the restaurant business began with Rico’s father opened a Mexican restaurant in the fall of 1969 in San Diego, California. The restaurant thrived and in 2000 their children took over the business and gave it a makeover.

Rico fell in love and in 2011 married her better half and moved to Portland, Oregon. Here experience in the restaurant industry gave her the courage to open her own restaurant, Rocio’s.

They not only have a busy restaurant; they also cater events. Their popularity has garnered them four-point-five-stars with over four hundred and seventy online reviews.

Portland Oregon RestaurantLos Gorditos is located in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. While they are a Mexican restaurant their two most popular items are the Next Level Burger and their Garbage Burrito which has just about everything you have ever wanted in a burrito.

Owned by the Cruz family, Los Gorditos got its start as a food truck in 2006. They catered to not only meat lovers but vegan and vegetarians with delicious food that brought their clientele back again and again.

The popularity of Los Gorditos has caused the family to open up five brick-and-motor restaurants throughout Portland. They get a four-point-four-star rating with over six hundred and fifty evaluations on the world wide web.

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