Rating my summers

There’s a few things that made this summer pretty great, but I can’t put it at the highest spot purely because of its brevity. This summer just seemed way shorter than any of the other ones. I remember vaguely what I did each summer for the past few years, so rating them shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m only doing five summers, so sorry 2011. Maybe next time I’ll make a top 10 list. In five years, of course. My all-time favorite summer was 2015, right before freshman year. I spent pretty much every day with my cousin gabe, and all we did was hang out and play games until 3am and skype girls from all over the world. We had tons of online friends, so there was always something to do.

vegas liquor licenses

There’s plenty more things we did, but they were dumb and I’d have to explain a lot so I’ll just say that they were silly but we would always burst out laughing. One thing I vividly remember was these annoying girls from New York named Sam and Layla who would spam call just to be annoying. Gabe and I would group call them on skype and then put our phones next to each other, so they would hear each other and then the sounds would echo and start screeching extremely loudly. I would cry from laughter, even if it does sound extremely dumb. He and I used to talk about moving to Vegas and starting our own microbrewery, even if we knew nothing about alcohol.

liquor licenses

I looked online recently just for kicks, but actually found an amazing places for a liquor license. This summer would be second place, because I not only got to go to wild island, a bag sale, and the drive-in (multiple times), but because I also go to do them all with my best friend Steph. Doing stuff with gabe used to be okay, but he just acts dumb in public because he has no shame so it’s super embarrassing a lot of the time. Plus, on top of everything else, I get to go to the arcade this upcoming Saturday.