The Top Three Restaurants in Las Vegas for Foodies

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I have recently come home from staying with family in Las Vegas for a few months. Think of it as an extended vacation. As with all popular cities in Las Vegas, the restaurants are always coming and going. Blink and you might miss one. Being in the restaurant industry is tough work, after all.

It’s a highly competitive industry, and everyone wants to eat at the best restaurant. With so many choices it can be hard to choose where you want to spend money on your next meal, so hopefully these reviews can alleviate a bit of the stress for you.

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First up, my favorite steakhouse in Las Vegas. The Charcoal Room is found at the Palace Station resort in Las Vegas, so if you’re staying there then make sure to eat a good steak. Personally I don’t prefer to stay at a hotel in Vegas just to eat at the restaurants, but if you are already there then it might be a good idea to go the extra mile and stay the night. You can hit the slots or do whatever else people typically do in casinos. They don’t care, as long as you’re spending money.

If you have ever been to a steakhouse anywhere in Las Vegas, then you already know what to expect. Sometimes I’m actually surprised if the waiters aren’t wearing tuxedos, to be honest. The first thing that people see in a restaurant is the aesthetic, so we’ll start there. Since you will be eating at a restaurant inside of another building, don’t expect many windows. This is not a bad thing, however.

The Charcoal Room has great lighting, so you can see everything on your plate. It also emphasizes how clean the inside of the restaurant is, because the staff are very sanitary. I’ll get into that in a little bit, though. The Charcoal Room has this overall feeling of wealth and class, even if the prices do not share that sentiment. Everything from the art on the walls to the chairs is pretty and squeaky clean.

Just how it should be, in a Las Vegas restaurant. The most important part of a restaurant that needs to be kept clean is the kitchen, however. One of my brothers works for Las Vegas Hood Cleaning, and he has worked with the best and worst restaurants in Las Vegas. One thing that every restaurant has in common is the necessity of safety and cleanliness. For all of you business owners out there, check them out at

It never hurts to have a backup hood cleaner, in case of emergencies. In addition to other things, there is not any overbearing music or noise from the other guests in The Charcoal Room. It’s surprising to say the least, as I have eaten in plenty of casinos and resorts in town where the slots and everyone talking are so loud that I cannot seem to enjoy my meal.

Don’t expect anything like that from a restaurant with this high of quality, though. If there was a math equation for getting amazing online reviews on Yelp and Google, then I’m sure the management here knows it. All I have to do is add up all the different things that I like about restaurants, and then I get The Charcoal Room.

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Steakhouses are not for everyone, though. You may be more into Italian food, for example. This is why I chose Giada as my next restaurant to review. Vegas has plenty of Italian restaurants, but this one is located in The Cromwell in Las Vegas. Everyone is familiar with the classics, like raviolis and spaghetti.

But what if I told you that there was a whole other side to this style of cuisine that you are missing out on? My two favorite dishes to order from Giada are the lemon spaghetti with prawns, and the wood grilled asparagus. And I don’t even like vegetables. I would highly encourage you to try either of these, if it is your first time visiting Giada or The Cromwell. My sister orders the cold octopus salad, and she is always telling me how much she loved her meal on the drive back.

Giada has such affordable food that I actually cannot afford to eat at any other Italian restaurants, which says a lot about the quality of their businesses. Thank you for looking out for your loyal customers, Giada. All of the positive reviews that I read online were well-earned.

italian restaurant in vegas

Finally, there is just a regular restaurant for people who prefer the classics. No gimmicks or special styles of cuisine, just some great meals. Service is the main aspect of business that sets Jardin apart from their competitors. You will not find another restaurant near the Strip in Las Vegas with such respectable and respectful workers. They always make sure everything is clean before you sit down.

Not afterwards, like some servers think they should be doing. Why would you wipe down the table in front of me, as I am trying to talk with my friends or family? If you are unfamiliar with the different choices that are offered at Jardin, do not hesitate to ask the server any of your questions. They will never field your questions to somebody else or have to go back to the kitchen and make sure they’re correct. The staff answers your questions immediately and without hesitation, which means that they really care about their jobs.

Also means that they really like the food as well, otherwise they might not really have a reason to care so much about it. Did someone say lobster benedict? That’s my favorite entree to order from Jardin, but the bagel and lox are also amazing.

For those of you who didn’t know, lox is basically just smoked salmon that you usually spread on top of other things. Like a bagel, for example. All of my family members who have eaten with my at Jardin has given it two thumbs up, and written great online reviews.


The Only Reliable Tulsa Eye Doctors in Town

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If there is one thing that is difficult to find in Oklahoma, it is decent Tulsa optometry. It’s a proven fact that everyone will need to get eye care at some point in their life, but nobody wants bad service when they have to go to a doctor. After all, with all of the effort that you have to put into scheduling it, paying for all of it, and then sitting and waiting with a bunch of other people in a waiting room, you deserve some good service. There’s nothing worse than a bad experience with doctors, especially in eye care. It is just so costly and unaffordable.

That is, if you don’t know where to go. I have been going to Dr Zoellner & Associates for a little over a year now, and not once have I been disappointed with the service. There are a few things that I enjoy about this Tulsa eye clinic, and I am going to describe all of them in graphic detail. But first, let me give you some background and context. Throughout my entire life, I have suffered from poor eyesight.

I am not sure if it is purely a genetic thing or if I’m just unlucky, but I do know one thing: it’s very debilitating. If you have little to no experience with poor vision, then you likely take it for granted. I used to live with my family in Bartlesville, but have moved out just recently. A little over a year ago, at least. The first thing that I looked for in here was good Tulsa eye doctors, as my eyes are something that I cannot live without.

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Fortunately for me, I only had to search for a little bit before discovering Dr Zoellner & Associates. One thing that all rational consumers should look for in the eye business is price. If you have heard of the $99 deal, Dr Zoellner & Associates is the Tulsa optometrist that it originates from. Not only can you get an eye exam and a new pair of glasses for $99 (that’s a steal, if you are unfamiliar with the prices), but you can also get a second pair of glasses as a backup for a mere $30. It’s much appreciated that they try their hardest to reduce the financial strain of medical care on people such as myself who do not have a ton of money to just throw around.

Out of all of the businesses I have worked with in my life, I would have to say that Dr Zoellner & Associates is one of the more reliable ones. It doesn’t just stop there, though. A frequent problem that occurred when I researched other optometry in Tulsa was that every optometrist was booked for months and months. Is there such thing as the Tulsa eye care season? I was able to get an appointment made with no trouble, and the receptionist was very friendly.

Some more things that you will happen to notice if you are attentive like me are the happy atmosphere and the service, both from the doctors and the other staff. Mainly just the receptionist. As for the atmosphere, whenever I’m waiting it doesn’t have that sick feeling you would have at a real doctor’s office or a hospital. The people there actually seem excited to have their eyes worked on, which could just be a combination of the helpful service and affordable prices. There is nothing that would prevent me from coming back to Dr Zoellner & Associates for each eye appointment, as this is definitely the most consistent Tulsa eye clinic I have been to so far.

The Top Three Best Restaurants in Orlando

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I’ve been to some pretty bad restaurants in Orlando over the course of the past few days, and I was beginning to lose my faith in the restaurant industry. I know a few of my friends have been having similar issues lately, so I have decided to compile this list of my favorite restaurants in Orlando. That way we know where to go after being let down by the bad ones.

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I thought I’d start this list off by mentioning a style of cuisine that not very many people have been exposed to. That style is Peruvian. Pio Pio isn’t afraid to serve food that you haven’t heard of before, because they know you’ll love it no matter what. Pio Pio is found by Sand Lake in Orlando, which isn’t too far from the the movie theater. You could eat beforehand, unless you were sneaky enough to somehow smuggle the food into the cinema. Not everyone is into exotic foods, but I can definitely assure you that there is something for everyone on this menu. Whether you’re into Peruvian or Colombian food, don’t be afraid to ask the waiters if you’re not sure what to order.

I checked online, and I was surprised that there were over 160 other people who wrote positive reviews about the churrasco style steak. You can order things ranging from grilled skirt steak to their Peruvian chicken with green sauce. Everything that people sitting nearby me have ordered always looks delicious, but the food is really filling so there’s never much room left for anything else. Pio Pio’s a great restaurant to bring your family, because they can even share a dish. That’s how much food they serve you. I wouldn’t stress out too much about finding something both kids like, as all of the food on the menu is very affordable. The waiters have always been nice and helpful to me, and I’ve even seen some events that I know for a fact most waiters couldn’t handle.

One time I witnessed a baby screaming and crying while this cranky old man from the same party was trying to order, and the waitress didn’t lose her cool. The parents did nothing about the baby (obviously), so the waiter brought him some milk and that settled him down. I know more than a few places with waiters who would just panic and hide in the kitchen until everything was sorted out. Speaking of kitchens, I’ve actually been inside of this one.

Pio Pio’s owner is very friendly, so one night when he approached me at my table and asked how the food was, I told him how I always loved the food and then asked if I could watch the chefs prepare it for a couple minutes. He agreed, because they clearly had nothing to hide. My wife works for a hood cleaning business, so I have seen some nasty kitchens. This restaurant has one amazing kitchen, with chefs who never crack under pressure. I was inside the kitchen during one of the Orlando restaurant’s busier times of the day, and the chefs cooperated well together like a well-oiled machine.

Not to mention how clean the kitchen was. Lo and behold, their kitchen exhaust hood was even clean. I don’t know how they maintain it so well, unless one of them secretly works for an Orlando hood cleaning business behind the scenes! I made sure to let the waiter know how impressed I was, so my wife and I wrote amazing online reviews as soon as we got home.

orlando sushi restaurant burger

If we’re already on the topic of strange food at good restaurants, then I might as well switch gears and talk about good food at a strange restaurant. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar in Orlando doesn’t have to worry about copyrighting issues, fortunately. This restaurant is located right next to the Universal Studios Orlando location, but don’t expect steep prices. This restaurant is one of the more reasonably priced, even for an amusement park. I just want to kick off this review by saying that the Parmesan Bacon Truffle Fries are to die for.

Here’s another restaurant for people who aren’t sure what to order at some restaurants, because you can literally get food ranging from sushi to burgers at this restaurant. Once you’re inside, you will not want to leave. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar has probably the coolest interior I have ever seen. Behind the bar, there is a giant fish tank with live fish just swimming around while you eat!

That is the most badass thing I have ever heard of. Orlando doesn’t have a ton of places that do dessert well, but now I can check amazing desserts off of my bucket list. I wrote up an awesome review on Yelp just after seeing that fish tank behind the bar, but I was also kind of shocked at how many positive reviews forgot to mention it. If their food surpasses the giant fish tank bar, then that’s purely a testament to the quality of the food.

orlando lobster roll restaurant

I know there are a ton of seafood enthusiasts out there, so I thought I would mention a seafood restaurant as well. Bar Harbor Seafood marks the top of my list in the seafood category, and for good reason. The best part about this restaurant is that Orlando is pretty close to the coast, so all the seafood is fresh. Bar Harbor Seafood is found right next to Lake Ellenor in Orlando, which has some great scenery.

However, I wouldn’t recommend getting your food to go and eating while you walk because the seafood would probably rip your intestines apart from the inside out. On the flip side, I do recommend ordering the crab cakes. I’ve been a fan of crab cakes my whole life, so I know whether or not a place does crab cakes well. Rest assured, if you’re also a fan of crab cakes or great seafood in general, you will have a spectacular time perusing Bar Harbor Seafood’s menu. Read one of their many positive online reviews if you don’t believe me.

My history of playing video games

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember, and they’re a huge part of my life. Maybe too big of a part of my life, in fact. I remember playing this baseball game on the original Gameboy with my friend Nick, who’s my mom’s best friend’s son. He and I were both around the age of three or four and we thought it was super cool even though we didn’t know how to play. When it was time to leave, I was super upset because I was fascinated with the game. Nick’s dad worked for Microsoft until they recently laid him off. They couldn’t find any jobs, so they had to move down to Las Vegas. Once he was there, he approached and old friend and now he’s working at a successful las vegas special use permit business.

las vegas liquor license

The first video game that was truly mine was the Gameboy Advance that my grandparents bought for me when I was six. I still have it to this day, and I still enjoy the games just the same. It’s weird to think that the games lasted for 11 years, because most newer consoles are only designed to have a short lifespan. They got the Gameboys from a flea market with a little tupperware dish full of games, and there’s about 20 of them now that I’ve purchased a few more and added them to the collection. Naomi got one too, and our favorite game to play originally was Pokemon.

las vegas liquor licenses

I had Red and she had Blue, and if we had the proper link cable (which we didn’t) then we could have battled with each other and traded. They actually have more than a few GBA emulator apps that  you can download for your phone, and you can just find ROMs online for free so there’s no reason to go out and buy a new Gameboy Advance or games for it. I just enjoy the existing one, because of the nostalgia tied to all the games I have for it. When I was 7 or 8, my uncle got me a Gamecube for Christmas. It was my first actual console, even though it was a Nintendo product so I could only really play family and kid games.

Rating my summers

There’s a few things that made this summer pretty great, but I can’t put it at the highest spot purely because of its brevity. This summer just seemed way shorter than any of the other ones. I remember vaguely what I did each summer for the past few years, so rating them shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m only doing five summers, so sorry 2011. Maybe next time I’ll make a top 10 list. In five years, of course. My all-time favorite summer was 2015, right before freshman year. I spent pretty much every day with my cousin gabe, and all we did was hang out and play games until 3am and skype girls from all over the world. We had tons of online friends, so there was always something to do.

vegas liquor licenses

There’s plenty more things we did, but they were dumb and I’d have to explain a lot so I’ll just say that they were silly but we would always burst out laughing. One thing I vividly remember was these annoying girls from New York named Sam and Layla who would spam call just to be annoying. Gabe and I would group call them on skype and then put our phones next to each other, so they would hear each other and then the sounds would echo and start screeching extremely loudly. I would cry from laughter, even if it does sound extremely dumb. He and I used to talk about moving to Vegas and starting our own microbrewery, even if we knew nothing about alcohol.

liquor licenses

I looked online recently just for kicks, but actually found an amazing places for a liquor license. This summer would be second place, because I not only got to go to wild island, a bag sale, and the drive-in (multiple times), but because I also go to do them all with my best friend Steph. Doing stuff with gabe used to be okay, but he just acts dumb in public because he has no shame so it’s super embarrassing a lot of the time. Plus, on top of everything else, I get to go to the arcade this upcoming Saturday.

Building a new business with my husband

Well,  things have settled well with our move to Las Vegas.  New house is more footage and nicer than we’ve ever owned before.  Strange that it was tens of thousands of dollars less than the our home in California.

Am I glad we moved here?  Well, mostly.  Since Ron is from Nevada originally, he seems to be more comfortable here.  But I can tell that he’s already missing the ocean.  He has his favorite boogie board hanging right at the end of his parking space, like its a prized trophy.  Seems to me that it being there would drive him a little nuts.

So, Ron wanted to open a new business.  He had been involved with commercial kitchen cleaning several times in his life and felt that he would really like to own his own exhaust hood cleaning business.  He did his due diligence and we sat down and looked at the numbers.  It really seemed to add up.  So, we opened up Las Vegas Hood Cleaning Service.

It’s been a rough start.  We thought we would be found right away and that the phone would start ringing.  Not so much.  Seems we have a business obscurity problem.  We are lost in a sea of small service businesses in Las Vegas.  It’s not like we’re competing.  There are plenty of competitors, but we’re not competing because we’re not even on the clients radar.  So, we’re upping our marketing campaign and we’re going cold calling.  Problem is, it’s over 100 degrees nearly everyday, so going from restaurant to restaurant in hopes of meeting owners and managers is a miserable task.

I’m looking at the upcoming weather and thinking that we really need to utilize other forms of marketing that do not include taking on the Nevada desert heat of Las Vegas.

But Ron is pretty optimistic.  He feels that once he gets the opportunity to bring his crew into a commercial kitchen, the owners & managers will love his work, his generous extras that he likes to give away, and his personable, helpful style.

So, heat be damned.  We’re going to march out of business obscurity and make the biggest and best hood cleaning company in Las Vegas.