An entire post about movies

Even though I talk about movies a lot, I’m gonna dedicate a whole post to my history of movies. They’re such a huge part of my life, because I always go to see the all the interesting new movies. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always watched movies. Whether it was with my family or in my room by myself, movies have always interested me. I’m not sure when my parents started allowing me to start watching R rated movies with them, but I know that my dad used to watch horror movies on AMC during October and I would always be terrified.

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Child’s Play and Halloween were among the first movies to truly terrify me. To a four year old, watching a doll kill people is scarring. I still don’t like to watch Child’s Play to this day. Anything with dolls just scares me, like the Puppet Master movies. All movies should just be smart and make you think, and have plot twists. Training Day had a good twist at the end, and it turned out to not be some bland cop movie about a rookie. I don’t exactly have a favorite director or movie. My favorite directors include Quentin Tarantino, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese. My favorite movies, on the other hand, include Godzilla (2014), Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver, The Road Warrior, and Heat. In my opinion, they’re just each the best of their respective genres. Godzilla is an awesome monster movie, especially if you watch it in the IMAX for the first time like I did.

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Taxi Driver is the best neo-noir crime movie, Mad Max 2 is the greatest action movie of all time, and Heat is the best crime thriller. The Road Warrior is by far the best action movie because it didn’t use any computer graphics, so they did all of the car stunts and explosions with practical effects. It looks amazing. The newest mad max was good, but 80s movies are better either way. I know my chiropractor buddies agree with me, but that’s probably because they’re adults. They can afford to watch any movie they want, because their reno chiropractor business reels in so many clients.