Building a new business with my husband

Well, things have settled well with our move to Las Vegas. New house is more footage and nicer than we’ve ever owned before. Strange that it was tens of thousands of dollars less than the our home in California.

Am I glad we moved here? Well, mostly. Since Ron is from Nevada originally, he seems to be more comfortable here. But I can tell that he’s already missing the ocean. He has his favorite boogie board hanging right at the end of his parking space, like its a prized trophy. Seems to me that it being there would drive him a little nuts.

So, Ron wanted to open a new business. He had been involved with commercial kitchen cleaning several times in his life and felt that he would really like to own his own exhaust hood cleaning business. He did his due diligence and we sat down and looked at the numbers. It really seemed to add up. So, we opened up Las Vegas Hood Cleaning Service.

It’s been a rough start. We thought we would be found right away and that the phone would start ringing. Not so much. Seems we have a business obscurity problem. We are lost in a sea of small service businesses in Las Vegas. It’s not like we’re competing. There are plenty of competitors, but we’re not competing because we’re not even on the clients radar. So, we’re upping our marketing campaign and we’re going cold calling. Problem is, it’s over 100 degrees nearly everyday, so going from restaurant to restaurant in hopes of meeting owners and managers is a miserable task.

I’m looking at the upcoming weather and thinking that we really need to utilize other forms of marketing that do not include taking on the Nevada desert heat of Las Vegas.

But Ron is pretty optimistic. He feels that once he gets the opportunity to bring his crew into a commercial kitchen, the owners & managers will love his work, his generous extras that he likes to give away, and his personable, helpful style.

So, heat be damned. We’re going to march out of business obscurity and make the biggest and best hood cleaning company in Las Vegas.