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All Around Surfaces Garage Epoxy Floors Reviews Great Automotive Service Shops in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Garage epoxy floors are popular in many car repair shops. It is very durable and can take heavy traffic, it lasts for years with minimal maintenance and it does not stain. Epoxy floors for garages can be colored to match the colors of the company and it can even have the company’s logo imbedded into the floor.

My Mechanic Auto Care is located at 4025 S. Western Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They are experts in automobile engines and tire installation.

When purchasing tires, it is important to not purchase the cheapest tire available. Those tires puncture easily and do not have the life a quality tire has. It is important to have the tire pressure checked on a regular basis as it can change with the weather when it gets warmer or colder.

My Mechanic Auto Care has several great articles on their website with tips on tires, what to do if there is an accident and other important things to know about a car. They have eighty-five positive posts online with a four-point-six-star rating.

There are three Graham Tire in Sioux Falls, South Dakota including the one on 2101 W. 41st Street. The first store opened their doors in 1951 by Bill Graham. Today they have seventeen locations spread through South Dakota and Nebraska. They actually employ over two hundred and fifty people.Sioux Falls SD Epoxy Floor Media

When Bill passed away in 1976, his son, Tom, stepped up to run the family business. Gram Tire employs only ASE Certified mechanics. Gram Tire does more than sell tires, they can repair every aspect of the car engine to the brake systems and axels.

They figure they have sold well over two hundred and sixty-five thousand tires over the lifetime of their company. They have eighty-four evaluations on the internet with over a four- and half-star rating.

Sioux Falls South Dakota Epoxy Floor ImageJay Egge Automatic Service, Inc. is located at 7101 E. Arrowhead Parkway in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Jay & Dorothy Egge opened their doors in 1977 with two employees. Their son, Todd started working there part time when he was attending college studying for his Bachelor of Science degree. After he got his degree in 1981, he started working full time at the shop.

Years later, Todd and his wife Joanne took over the Jay Egge Automatic Service, Inc. in 1990. They have grown to fourteen full time employees in a fourteen thousand four hundred square foot building.

Jay Egge Automatic Service, Inc. is truly a family business. Their son, Joe, works there and is looking forward to being the third generation owner when Joanne and Todd retire. They have a four-point-seven-star rating on the world wide web with over fifty reviews.

All Around Surfaces is proud to review these three great automotive shops. The owner, Greg Muller, has well over twenty-five years’ experience in industrial painting and coating. Garage epoxy floors are especially popular in mechanic shops.